About MojiStudio

          MojiStudio Part.,Ltd. registered since 2008. Now changed to Moji Interactive Studio Co.,Ltd., is the company working on graphic and creative designs, website and computer system development, and multimedia production. Due to its five-year experience, it has produced many creative works including running many complicated projects. It has ability to make the attractive and understandable presentations, and adjust the content to be suitable for each target group using the ‘Open Source’ technology which makes the projects cheaper but still effective and safe. The service is so quick and informal that can make the company have been impressed and trusted by both government and non-governmental organizations to develop their websites. The staff is also skilful, qualified, and ready to help the customers anytime. The fields of jobs it has been worked on are as follows:
  • Interactive design: creating media and websites - from personal websites, blogs, forums, to commercial or official ones
  • Software development - both Web Applications and RFID Applications
  • Web hosting and domain register
  • Computer sale - selling computer equipment and running computer systems
  • Multimedia and Production Studio - making movies, music videos, advertisements, cartoons, and animations
How to contact
Moji Interactive Studio Co.,Ltd.
Phone : +668-1617-2221 Fax : +662-641-6984
Email : contact@mojistudio.com
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